The Best Places For Wine Tasting in the USA

Wine Tasting At Home?

For your tasting event at home, you can purchase wines from your nearby store or order a tasting supply from a leading local winery. Using the service of a sommelier may come in handy particularly if you are not knowledgeable on wine tasting matters. There are also vineyards offering virtual or online tastings and even a virtual vineyard tour which you can join with your friends.

When you are ready to venture out and looking for the best regions to go wine tasting, we’ve put together a list of our favorite wine cities and their wineries here for you.  Let’s start with California.

Wine Tasting in California

Home to outstanding vintage wines, an array of wineries, and a pleasant environment, California is the wine-tasting capital of the USA. The Golden State produces about 90% of all wine in the country. So if you are making a trip there, here are some California locations you must visit.

Although some are more popular than others, wine growing and tasting happens in almost all 50 states. With more than 7,500 wineries located in over 240 American grape growing regions, there are locations for wine growing and tasting wine that has not been fully explored.

We also feature California on our guide to wine tasting along the West Coast.

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Wine Tasting in Temecula

Recently, Temecula was rated among the top 10 leading winery locations in the USA by Wine Enthusiast. The expanse offers lovers of wine sampling of more than 40 wineries. Some of the wineries are not big which is advantageous in that visitors are presented with the possibility to interact with makers of wine and winery owners.

When planning a trip to the location you will enjoy serene scenery, delightful wine, and even have a couple of bottled wines for later enjoyment.

Top Wineries In Temecula

Wilson Creek Winery

The winery is popularly known for its award-winning almond sparkly wine that tends to find its way to numerous special occasions such as weddings. As well the winery offers a scenic environment, tasting rooms and the menu attempts to be comprehensive. Accommodation is also provided at the Wilson Creek Manor with a host of amenities including a heated Jacuzzi.

Miramonte Winery

Because the destination is perched on a hill it presents its visitors with a breathtaking view perfect for enjoying the excellent wine on offer. The winery offers varietals native to countries like Portugal including Verdelho which thrives in the Temecula environment.

Wine Tasting in Napa

Napa is popular for its ancient architecture, lush greenery and cultivated fields, and romantic atmosphere. As a Wine Tasting near Me, Napa is home to over 350 wineries making it a bit challenging to choose the right winery. But because of our insider knowledge and extensive customer reviews, we have made it possible to quickly choose the right winery to visit.

Top Wineries in Napa

William Hill Estate Winery

The 200-acre winery is picturesque and was started in 1976. Since then the winery continues to farm varietals of Bordeaux and chardonnay. You can choose to experience the 90-minute tasting and walking tour around the winery. As a visitor, you are guaranteed to be exposed to techniques for farming and creating wine and taken to see stunning areas of the estate such as the cellar room.

Castello Di Amorosa

Building the 13th-century medieval-styled architecture castle took more than 15 years. The possessor of the castle adopted the authentic style of the castle not only in honor of his medieval construction style adoration but also in honor of his deep-rooted Italian heritage. Apart from the quality wines, you will also enjoy seeing some of the most stunning vaulted wine cellars around.

Wine Tasting in Santa Barbra

Santa Barbara is a major tourist destination because of its sunlit beaches, attractive Spanish architecture, and prominent inhabitants such as Oprah Winfrey. Nonetheless, the Southern Californian city is also increasingly being visited as a wine tasting destination. Most of the top winegrowers in the region have their tasting quarters at the heart of the city.

Top Wineries in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Winery

The winery was established in 1962 by an owner who currently owns eateries, shops, and an additional winery in the location. From the often occupied tasting rooms, you can taste common and less common varietals such as pinot noirs and Lagrein.

Pali Wine Co.

From Santa Barbara Winery, just across the street, you can also visit the Pali Wine Co. wine tasting room which has been in existence for more than 15 years. Though Pali Wine Co. majorly offers pinot noir tasting there is also a chance to taste extensive wine varieties courtesy of its Tower 15 brand.

Wine Tasting in Malibu

Malibu is mostly known for its celeb mansions, stunning sandy beaches, and even competitions for surfing. But recently, especially after being made an official winemaking region in 2014, Malibu is increasingly attracting wine enthusiasts. There are wine tasting rooms situated along popular tourist routes and paths less traveled.

Top Wineries in Malibu

Rosenthal Estate Winery

When you visit the winery you are presented with an opportunity to enjoy your wine while serenaded by the beautiful backdrop of the ocean and beach.

Cornell Winery

This particular winery gives you a chance to only taste wines produced from the locally available vineyards.  Wine Tasting in Paso Robles

Paso Robles is a popular destination because of its exceptional wines, delightful cuisine, picturesque backdrop, and welcoming locals. When you visit any of the vineyards in the region there are plenty of outstanding accommodations to choose from such as the Piccolo Hotel.

Top Wineries Paso Robles

Eberle Winery

Resting on a small hill the winery is easy to get to from the highway. The layout makes you feel at home and you can enjoy your wine while surveying the stunning overlooking landscape or touring the caves.

Tobin James 

If you are in Paso Robles and you desire a taste of wine under the American frontier setting then you should choose this winery with its old west saloon and friendly staff.

Wine Tasting in Atlanta

Serving as the capital of the Peach State, Atlanta has more to offer than just its sweeping views, moonshine, and craft beers. Finding wineries is easier. You can spend your time enjoying local wines, to save your time and money without compromising the wine tasting experience.

Top Wineries in Atlanta


With a weird name, Frogtown guarantees the winery experience will be top-notch as the winery has amassed various awards for its offerings. In the afternoon, from Friday to Sunday, you can also delight in a cheese plate or Panini.

The Cottage Vineyards and Winery

The 29-acre winery is situated in a relaxing location. As a visitor who also loves sightseeing, there is a fantastic mountain landscape. Rooms for tasting offer different vinifera-based wines.

Wine grapes flourish in the region due to the rich fertile soil and Mediterranean climate. One of the pros of San Diego is that it is closer to Temecula, a popular Californian wine tasting destination.

Top Wineries in San Diego

Highland Valley Vineyards

The winery gives a casual vibe especially with its cute red chairs and black umbrellas to provide you with protection against the sun. Visiting the winery you can savor its high-quality wines produced using grapes variety native to Bordeaux.

Ponte Winery

Covering 300 acres, the winery has a hotel serving delicious meals and a wine tasting room. With the winery, you can wine taste different single grape varieties like Chardonnay.

Wine Tasting in Chicago

When you are in Chicago there is no need for you to travel to Napa Valley to savor excellent wines. It is still possible to find vineyards and Wine Tasting Near Me and enjoy wines that continue to earn awards.

Top Wineries in Chicago

Lynfred Winery 

As a member, the benefits include a monthly supply of wines, monthly wine tasting and a cheaper, relatively constant tasting price. Lynfred Winery also has a gift shop.

Valentino Vineyards

For people interested in learning the grape harvesting process and the ingredients to a fantastic wine, this winery is a must-visit. There are also tours, tastings, and lessons on foods to pair with the wines. 

Wine Tasting In Houston

Houstonians understand a thing or two about wine tasting because of its incredible wine culture. In the metro area, there are plenty of places for quenching your thirst. You will come back for more due to the attractive setting, and the happiness and interactions involved.

Top wineries in Houston

La FuenteWinery 

With La Fuente, you will feel at home because of the local vibe and the warm embrace of rich family tradition. There are plenty of recognized wines to sample and local wine tastes and the service is customer-friendly.

Houston Wine Merchant 

As the go-to wine tasting shop, all that a wine enthusiast requires is available. The staff knows their stuff, the wines are popular, weekly tasting offered and there are also liquors and spirits.

Wine Tasting in Sedona

Sedona offers a firsthand opportunity to experience Arizona wine country with its environment suitable for fine grape farming. The region has lots of wineries and places and events for sampling wine tasting. There are tastings in Verde Valley, about 20 minutes from the center of the city.

Top Wineries in Sedona

Page Springs Cellars 

When looking for Wine Tasting Near Me in Sedona, Page Springs Cellars is a popular winery. The winery offers a relaxing community atmosphere for tourists and locals, comfortable accommodation, and enjoyable meals.

Javelina Leap

For a memorable winery experience, the Javelina Leap is a must-visit. The winery provides relaxing tasting rooms, live music and wine flight.

Wine Tasting in Sonoma

Sonoma Valley has a natural environment and a micro-climate affording the region varied conditions for growing wine grapes. It is possible for you to taste wine without paying a cent or earn a tasting courtesy of a purchase.

Top wineries in Sonoma

Chateau St. Jean

Built about 50 years ago, the winery has a red-tiled roof and the walls buff-colored bringing to mind the winemaking tradition of the monastery. Together with the Mediterranean-inspired landscape, tasting rooms, and local cheeses, you will come back for more.

St. Francis Winery

The family-owned winery and vineyard came into existence in 1978. St. Francis winery is popular with its scenic landscape, bell tower, and mission-style wine tasting rooms.

Wine Tasting in Washington State

You will find that some of the best wines in the country are produced in Washington State. Nestled into this corner of the United States, you will find that Washington Wine Country is quite special. The unique weather and the fertile soil allow for ideal grape-growing conditions. The state gets over 300 days of sunshine, which is necessary for the growth and cultivation of grapes.

Another great location to checkout is Leavenworth Wine Tasting.

Top Wineries in Washington State

Rotie Cellars

A winery dedicated to the illustrious Rhone Valley in France, Rotie Cellars have been in the business for over a decade. The concept is simple, use old winemaking methods for new vines that grow in Washington State. A must-visit if you are on the lookout for something authentic.

Vin du Lac Winery and Bistro

A wine tasting bistro overlooking Lake Chelan, Vin du Lac is a place that should be on your list when visiting Chelan. From the beautiful weather to the melodic sounds of jazz, this place has it all.

SODO Urbanworks

A very unique place, SODO brings together over 10 different wineries under one roof. The concept is to provide visitors with the best of wine tasting Washington State has to offer. You can also savor the delicious pizza and try out the seltzer.

Wine Tasting in Woodinville

Even though Woodinville is a small town, on its expanse sits more than 100 wineries throughout the state’s five wine districts. Woodinville is a preferred wine tasting destination for people who prefer to remain as close as possible to the big city.

Top Wineries in Woodinville

JM Cellars 

Driving to the wine, you will feel a forest vibe and JM Cellars has a good selection of some of the best wines in Washington. Also, JM Cellars is popular with its pond, walking trails, tasting rooms, and green space.

Delille Cellars

Located in spacious outdoor and indoor tasting rooms, the winery has one of the best settings for wine tasting. There is a wide variety of wines for tasting especially red wines.

Wine Tasting in Oregon

While the state of Oregon might not sound like the most affluent place for wineries, Willamette Valley produces some of the finest wines in the world. The cold weather and the scarce amount of sunlight that falls on this corner of the world aren’t favorable conditions for making wine. Frost is common and the region’s best-selling wine, the Pinot Noir is extremely sensitive to cold weather. Yet, the wine tasting in Oregon crowd is huge and people from all over the United States come here for a glass of red.

Top Wineries in Oregon

Willamette Valley Vineyards

This winery is considered one of the best in all of Oregon and is located in Turner, 20 minutes away from Albany. They have a great tasting room, which was given a renovation in 2013. The room has one of the best food pairing menus in all of Oregon.

Elk Cove Vineyards

A family-owned establishment, Elk Cove has been consistently named as a winery of the year multiple times. Their Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris have both been named the best in the world. Their famous Gaston Tasting room offers some of the best views of Portland.

Wine Tasting in Los Angeles

Known for the film industry, there are many spots in Los Angeles to bring out your inner-oenophile. Though not a popular destination like Napa for wine tourists, still Los Angeles offers plenty of pleasant wines for purchasing and tasting.

Top wineries in Los Angeles

San Antonio Winery  

As one of the oldest wineries in Los Angeles having existed since 1917, the winery has its winemaking process steeped in tradition. Adding to the tour service, a restaurant, tasting rooms, and vineyards, located in regions like Monterey.

Firestone Vineyard 

If you are a wine connoisseur in Los Angeles then this should be your go-to shop. The winery hosts events has wine varieties and offers property rental and club membership.

Wine Tasting in Dallas

It is often said that in Texas everything is bigger and the same can be said of the wine scene, particularly in Dallas.

Top Wineries in Dallas 

Times Ten Cellars

The wine tasting destination is popular among locals and visitors. The spot has an elegant interior, extensive wine varieties, a stunning atmosphere, and a formal lounge and hosts events regularly.

Veritas Wine Room

The local watering hole sells wines, spirits, beer, and a small-plate menu. Wines and beers grown and brewed locally are found in plenty in Veritas with varying flavors and tasting notes.


Wine Tasting in Portland

In Portland, it is the Willamette Valley which harbors more than 450 wineries. Because of the higher annual rainfall, the vineyards benefit from abundant watering to produce fine-looking vineyards and the best wines.

Top Wineries in Portland

Hip Chicks Do Wine

The winery is run by females and stands as one of the oldest wineries in the region. There are beers and events on offer, apart from wines produced using different kinds of grapes such as Syrah and Tempranillo

Fullerton Wines 

Visiting this particular wine tasting stop is a must to toast to fortune and everlasting good health. Fullerton Wines hosts activities friendly to wine lovers and the tasting room has wine sourced from local vineyards.

Wine Tasting in Long Island

Being another growing wine tasting destination, you do not have to jet off to the wine country of California. The numerous available wineries and vineyards in Long Island, especially found in the North Fork, are mostly owned by families.

Top Wineries in Portland

Macari Vineyards

The Mattituck located tasting room offers its visitors and customers a sweeping vineyard and tasting flights. You can sip your wine varieties such as Pinot Meunier by the bottle or glass.

McCall Wines 

Although Merlot grapes are more popular in the region, still the winery has gained its popularity by the virtue of cabernet franc and pinot noir grapes cultivation.

Wine Tasting in Traverse City

Winemakers tend to believe that grapes have a love for gorgeous places. Looking at the Traverse City Coast it is hard to disagree with that belief. The over 40 wine varieties produced in this region are in demand internationally for their elegant and fine taste.

Top wineries in Traverse City

Chateau Chantal

The winery is European-styled and surrounded by vineyards. Chateau Chantal also offers wine pairing dinners, classes for cooking, live jazz nights, white wines, and red wines. White wines are popular because of the growth-supporting local climate and soil

Boathouse Vineyards 

When in the winery the feeling is that you are in a home cabin. The winery is adjacent to a narrow lake with a greenery landscape and has tasting rooms with mischievous names.

Wine Tasting in Solvang

For those who want to visit California and tour different wineries often the top destination is Napa Valley because of the wine and cuisine on offer. But when you visit Solvang, a city in Santa Ynez wineries you get to sample less expensive wine tastings and deal with fewer crowds.

Top wineries in Solvang

Rodeau Vineyard

As a Wine Tasting Near Me in Solvang, the winery offers live music, an attractive home, and a free tour of the vineyard after paying for wine tasting.

Rusack Vineyards 

Apart from the vineyards, Rusack Vineyards offers its visitors a relaxing atmosphere, a tasting room, and even a deck for enjoying the scenery as you casually sip your wine.

Wine Tasting in Boston

Whether you are craving the fruity taste of Pinot Noir or the Sauvignon Blanc’s refreshing taste Boston is the place to be. Other wine varieties are also available, capable of satisfying the taste of experienced sommeliers and wine enthusiasts.

Top wineries in Boston

Boston Winery

You do not have to leave the city to taste a handmade wine when you visit this winery. The grapes used for making wines are sourced from different parts of the world such as South Africa, Italy, and Chile.

Mill River Winery 

The winery is situated in a peaceful town and hosts a lot of events regularly. Grapes are sourced from all over the world and used for making its popular Plum Island and chardonnay wines.

Wine Tasting in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to more than 450 world-class tasting rooms, vineyards, and wineries. The region neighbors the popular wine tasting regions of Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

Top wineries in San Francisco

Maritime Wine Tasting Studio

Located in 222 Columbus Avenue and opened in 2015 the people running the winery have not only been importing but also producing an array of wine varieties. The tasting rooms are spacious to suit a group event

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery

Situated in the north end of the Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County, the winery stands out with its adopted estate style. There are full tours, Italian-themed tasting rooms, and a vivacious vineyard landscape.

Wine Tasting in Ojai

Apart from its hiking activities and festivals, Ojai is also home to olive orchards, family ranches, wonderful shops and restaurants, and beautiful wineries and vineyards. Ojai Valley can be easily accessed from Santa Barbara or Los Angeles.

Top wineries in Ojai

Old Creek Ranch

Since its acquisition by the current owners, the ranch has been subjected to makeovers particularly leading to the creation of picnic areas, comforting coaches, and a new room for wine tasting. Numerous Italian and French wine varieties are on offer.

Topa Mountain Winery

The winery has tried very hard to take full advantage of the beauty of the landscape. A spacious outdoor space, picnic area, stunning tasting rooms, and live music are available

Wine Tasting in Las Vegas

In the Las Vegas region and the rest of Nevada successful grape growing has been made possible since the start of 1990. That is due to the use of innovative cultivation techniques and the cultivation of particular grape varieties. Though the desert environment poses its own challenges, viticulture thrives in the low humidity and sunshine.

Top wineries in Las Vegas

Vegas Valley Winery 

Established in 2017, it is one of the first wineries in Las Vegas. That was made possible after a change of law in 2015 allowing the establishment of wineries in a county with over 10,000 people.

Sanders Family Winery

As another pioneer in the Las Vegas winemaking scene, the winery offers visitors daily tastings. With the amazing backdrop provided by Mount Charleston, you can undertake sightseeing while seeping into a favorite wine variety.

Wine Tasting in North Carolina

If you’re seeking a weekend getaway to enjoy the fantastic views of the Tar Heel State, then wine tasting in North Carolina might be that perfect excursion. With over 130 wineries, six American Viticulture Areas (AVAs), and a handful of wine trails, wine tasting in North Carolina include a plethora of tasting rooms waiting to be visited. The wines from North Carolina are so diverse, ranging from sweet to dry style wines, ports, sparkling, and natural style wines.

Top Wineries in North Carolina

Shelton Vineyards

Shelton Vineyards is one of North Carolina’s largest wineries, producing around 50,000 cases in 2019. Located in Dobson, its founders, Charlie and Ed Shelton bought the land just minutes away from where they grew up. In 2002 the brothers asked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to name the region of the Yadkin Valley as an American Viticultural Area, which was approved in 2003. Today, Shelton Vineyards offers many award-winning wines, seasonal events, fine dining at The Harvest Grill, and owns and manages a five-story Hampton Inn, which opened in April 2007.

Sanctuary Vineyards

Take a drive along the scenic North Carolina Outer Banks, and you’ll probably make a pitstop at Sanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg. There you experience the wine from seven generations of farmers on their coastal Currituck country land. This seaside farming of vines contains rows of Viognier, Tannat, Tempranillo, Petit Verdot, and the classic Muscadine used to make sweet wine.

Take a tour through North Carolina’s Wine Trail’s and AVA’s.

In conclusion, before visiting a winery make sure you check ahead as tasting procedures may differ and only limited hours may be offered. What is your favorite location to go wine tasting?

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