Meet Our Founders

Hi! Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Dirk and Deirdre Meyer, the co-founders of meori, Inc. We met in 1992 in business school at the University of Washington. We got married in Seattle, WA and both worked in high-tech until we moved to Dirk’s hometown of Hamburg, Germany.

While living in Germany, we developed the habit of keeping reusable boxes and bags in our car for grocery shopping, running errands, and going on vacation. As we travelled regularly back to the U.S. to visit family and friends, we saw a big need for more high-quality storage and organization products that are reusable AND stylish.

Fun Facts

  1. We met playing soccer for the co-ed business school team at the UW. We both love playing and watching soccer and are big fans of the German national team.
  2. Deirdre loves to cook and Dirk loves to eat. (well, Deirdre loves to eat too.) Italian is our favorite type of cuisine. When we are invited to a dinner party, our go-to hostess gift is one of our wine totes with a bottle or two packed inside.

    We have three children, Isabel, Alexandra, and Sebastian who are all adopted from Guatemala. Our family has three different passports and two languages, making life in the Meyer household always interesting. Our bucket list includes spending time in Antigua, Guatemala with our kids learning Spanish together and experiencing the beautiful country of Guatemala.

  3. Deirdre’s favorite meori product: the Reusable Grocery Basket because it always looks good and can be used for so many things, from grocery shopping to weekend getaways.
  4. Dirk’s favorite meori product: the Outdoor Box because it is the toughest of the bunch and perfect to store and carry all his outdoor adventure gear.

What’s behind the name?

People always ask us where the name “meori” comes from. The name meori marries two Japanese words, “meian’ for great idea and ‘origami’. Roughly translated meori means ‘the fantastic idea of folding’.

meori foldable boxes start flat, stow anywhere, and in three easy steps, become a stable box to organize, store and carry up to 65lbs.