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Wine Tasting In Atlanta, Georgia

Wine Tasting in Atlanta

Atlanta serves as the capital of the Peach state, and it has more to offer with regards to wine than you could ever imagine. I’m sure you’re asking how wine tasting Atlanta is unique compared to other wine tasting locations countrywide. This article is meant to show you exactly that.

Wine tasting refers to the oral sensory examination and evaluation of wines. The process of wine tasting is almost as old as the wine production process itself; however, a better-formalized wine tasting methodology began emerging in the 14th century.

Professional and more modern wine tasters involve a more complicated and analytical methodology. However, some people have a more recreational approach that involves a less analytical process and lean towards a generalized and personal appreciation.

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, or are planning a trip, or looking to have a taste of the wines available in some of the local wineries, then you are in for a big treat. After analyzing some of the best wineries in the region, we’ve come up with a list of the best wine tasting Atlanta, Georgia, has to offer.

Atlanta’s beautiful views and unique locations provide you with excellent wineries that you’re sure to have a great time while enjoying local wines while simultaneously saving time and money without having to compromise on your wine tasting experience.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced oenophile, one who loves or a connoisseur of wine, there is something you could always learn when wine tasting with experts. This list is meant to help you explore some of the best wine tasting locations in Atlanta.

If you get some time to explore it will pay off, as Atlanta is one of the best wine tasting locations near you!

Top Wineries in Atlanta

Before we got into that, we did a survey and asked some wine connoisseurs what they thought about Atlanta regarding their wine. We asked them what they thought some of the best wines tasting in Atlanta were. They said:

  • The three vineyards classic wine tasting tour
  • North Georgia wine country tour
  • Bartram trail hike plus wine tasting
  • Three vineyard wine tasting tour- explore Rabun county

The following is a list of some of the best wineries and locations for wine tasting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Wine Tasting Sandy Springs

Top wineries in Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs Boutique winery

Sandy Springs boutique winery is a winery unique to Atlanta embedded in the beer and wine craft. The winery vinifies small-batch fine wines that you can try in their tasting rooms by the glass or bottle. You could also buy 30 bottles using one of their many varietals.

Get to taste fine Georgia-grown wines and other wines made from premium grape juice imported from famous wine-producing locations worldwide. Sandy Springs boutique winery also provides personalized wine tasting in Atlanta and wine-making classes.

The Sandy Springs winery offers take-out, accepts credit cards, and offers bike parking. They also have free Wi-Fi, sit-down dining, in-person visits, and, most importantly, wheelchair accessible. Check them out if you want to have a great time.

Wine Tasting Roswell

Top wineries in Roswell

Deep roots wine market and tasting room

deep roots wine market and tasting room

If you want your wine tasting experience to feel special and unique, you could go to the Deep Roots wine market and tasting room. The winery has a fantastic California wine selection that’s so well-rounded that you are sure to find a few new favorites.

The winery has excellent service, a friendly atmosphere, and is super accommodating. You could do your wine tasting by the glass or by the bottle in limited indoor sitting and an expanded patio setting that’s sure to leave you feeling comfortable and ready to enjoy your experience.

Every detail in this winery is well-thought-out, with a fantastic wine exhibit with friendly staff dedicated to helping you throughout your wine tasting adventure. The winery has three sections beginning with whites to deep reds. Check it out for a beautiful experience.

On your next wine tasting experience bring one of our collapsible wine carriers.

Wine Tasting Inman Park

Top wineries in Inman Park

Barcelona VinoTeca

The Barcelona VinoTeca was established in 2015. It has a collection sourced from small and large private labels from vineyards in South America, Spain, and worldwide. The parking at Barcelona VinoTeca is relatively easy to find, and the valet parking is free.

The ambiance inside Barcelona is quite lovely, and the staff is quite attentive. The three-ounce wine pours are great since they allow you to try various wines on the low. You could also try a few dishes like calamari, mussels, potatoes, and even mushrooms.

The rustic but cozy library-like winery has a vast selection of wines that are sure to catch your eye and taste buds. They have knowledgeable staff that is sure to help you select great wines based on your preferences. It’s also a great place to kill some time if you’re waiting for something.

Wine Tasting Alpharetta

Top wineries in Alpharetta


The boutique focuses more on family-owned wineries, crafting beer, and educational-based tastings. Fermented also helps curate wines and beer for corporate events and weddings. In addition to retailing wine selections and tastings, they also host wine dinners together with local restaurateurs.

The wine boutique was established in 2017; however, the business began several years before opening its first brick and mortar location. You get a lot of street parking at Fermented. Here, you’ll encounter a cute little shop with an unassuming front.

Fermented’s selection is one of the biggest in the region, and their knowledge in wine pairings helps them stand out among other boutiques. Each section of their walls is categorized. You’re sure to find budget wines, unique occasion wines, and collector wines at the back. You’re sure to have an excellent wine tasting experience!

City winery

If you enjoy patio dining with your wine tasting, then City winery may be the place for you. The city winery has a singer and band entertainment with tasty chicken veggies and the ciabatta and cheese appetizer.

The city winery’s menu has a great wine variety to choose from and light bites complimented with some soft music from the band. You can make reservations by picking the time, date, and party size if you want to have the best wine tasting Atlanta experience.

The City winery offers take-outs, has outdoor seating (as stated earlier), and accepts credit cards. You can also indulge in virtual tasting sessions, virtual tours, and virtual consultations. Next time you’re around Alpharetta, Atlanta, it would be great if you checked out this pretty spot.

Wine Tasting Grant Park

Top winery Grant Park

3 parks wine shop

Three parks wine tasting occurs every Wednesday, although it’s currently on hold due to COVID restrictions. The wine tastings are geared towards being educational, where you get to sample three to four bottles of wine and discuss the wine producers, the grapes used, and the region of production.

The 3 parks wine shop is a great place to try and learn about new wines. You’ll be an oenophile in no time! With the 3 parks wine shop’s ambiance, friendly, efficient service, and immense wine collection, you’ll feel right at home.

Wine Tasting Lenox Park

Top winery Lenox Park

Highland fine wine

Highland fine wine is a fantastic wine-tasting winery with fairly competitive wine prices relative to other shops. However, the winery is an unassuming corner store that you’ll probably miss and drive-by.

The winery compensates its small size with a vast wine variety replaced with newer brands every once in a while. You’ll never lack some new wine to try out. Highland fine wine has an accommodating, friendly, and knowledgeable staff ready to help and guide you through your wine tasting experience.

The winery holds its wine tasting on Saturday afternoon from three to five pm. Get a great selection of price ranges and an opportunity to save all your past purchases and taste wines for more convenience in case you want to purchase or re-taste them later.


Are you a wine lover? If you are and live in Atlanta, Georgia, then these spots should be your number one stops. The wineries listed above have gained the reputation as some of the best wine tasting locations in Atlanta, Georgia. But there’s more.

As stated in the introduction, you could go for wine tasting Atlanta tours coupled with other activities such as hiking. If you can set aside some time, these tours could provide you with a wide array of wine tasting experiences. Where would you love to visit for your wine tasting adventures?


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