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Leavenworth Wine Tasting: Best Wineries in Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth WA wine tasting downtown mountains

Your time wine tasting in Leavenworth, Washington will leave a sweet impression like lipstick on a wineglass. This Bavarian-style village is home to artistic, exceptional winemakers who expertly bottle the fruits of the finest vineyards. Every sip you take delivers the freshness of Washington’s best grapes. The Leavenworth wine tasting experience is an uncommon adventure that you will not want to skip out on. 

Summer in Leavenworth

When you tour through Washington’s top wine destinations, you will notice how each city embraces the state’s native terrain. From snow-capped mountains to the gushing rivers, Leavenworth’s natural beauty complements the first-class service of its wineries. Our picks of the top wine tasting experiences in Washington include downtown tasting rooms, hilltop views, and sipping through orchards. 

The Best Wine Tasting in Leavenworth WA

Leavenworth houses many wineries, and it can be challenging and time-consuming trying to refine your search for which ones to visit. We’ve aggregated the leading choices for wine tasting into this post so that you can spend more time enjoying your stay. So, wilkommen to Leavenworth, and don’t forget to leave with a bottle or two of fresh wine. 

Silvara Cellars 

Flanked by emerald green hills and purple flora, Silvara Cellars sits over a tremendous view of Leavenworth. Its hilltop tasting room expands to its outdoor lawn and can even be enjoyed on snowy days. 

Silvara’s small wine productions give you the chance to try exclusive tastings as you relax by the fire on a cold night or soak in the summer sun. This winery features select Washington grapes masterfully blended in Bordeaux fashion to produce the deep richness of their Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. 

Silvara Cellars source from exclusive Pacific Northwest vineyards such as Walla Walla Valley and Ancient Lakes. Their sources boast of carrying the ancient bounty of Washington’s soil. The winery’s name stems from the Latin word meaning “of the forest” to capture their wine’s connection with the earthiness of the area’s land. 

silvara cellars view of leavenworth

Eagle Creek Winery 

Sitting at the feet of the renowned Cascade Mountains while looking off at the very vineyards that settled its taste into your glass is an incomparable experience. After touring through Eagle Creek Ranch on a sleigh ride, cozy up at Eagle Creek Winery for the true taste of Columbia Valley. You will feel like you are visiting another world, when in fact your adventure has only just started. 

Where else does the master winemaker personally hand pick the grapes worth reveling in? Ed Rutledge founded the oldest winery in Leavenworth when he seeded the first vine that would flourish into the vineyard that plumes today. He has since passed the knowledge and heart of grape picking to Paul Sharpe who is often seen in the vineyard. 

Eagle Creek Winery is open from May to October, but their d’Vinery downtown tasting room welcomes you all year long. They are truly the source of some of Leavenworth’s premier wines. With only twelve thousand bottles produced each year, Eagle Creek offers tastes that embody the careful cultivation of Leavenworth’s unparalleled vineyards. 

ryan patrick

Ryan Patrick Winery 

Consistent, dependable, and classic, Ryan Patrick’s wines are leading embodiments of the minimalistic approach in winemaking. The Leavenworth location is just a stone’s throw from Wenatchee River and a few steps away from reputable inns. Their welcoming location in the heart of downtown Leavenworth will make you feel right at home. 

The winemaking crew at Ryan Patrick curates individual batches by carefully experimenting with temperatures, fermentations, and blends to produce flavors that undeniably hit the spot. Pair that with open-air seating and an incomparable view of the mountains and you have yourself a tasting room that wins you over naturally. 

When you stop by to experience the Leavenworth Ryan Patrick tasting room, you may need to take a wine carrier or two with you. Visitors’ number one regret about their time there was that they did not bring home more bottles with them. 

Bergdorf Cellars 

Feel the true Bavarian vigor of Leavenworth by ending your day with a glass of Gluhwein. Bergdorf Cellars is an eclectic, German-style shop and tasting room down the street from the appropriately themed Bavarian Lodge. An infamous stop for skiers and residents alike, Bergdorf truly aims to serve their visitors with warmth and joy. 

Have a go with their Gewürztraminer or Sangiovese, but don’t leave without trying their warm mulled award winning wine. The spiced red wine, Gluhwein, is a Bavarian Christmas favorite. Berdorf offers this renowned drink in the tasting room as well as bottled versions. 

Icicle Ridge Winery 

Icicle Ridge Winery views

If you’re looking for creative qualities in wine, Icicle Ridge Winery carries a collection of original tastes as well as acclaimed classics. Leavenworth hosts Icicle Ridge locations, including an uptown wine lounge, and the winery is set amongst its vineyards a few minutes away in Peshastin. Icicle Ridge’s log cabin location projects the homely comfort of living in nature. 

The red wine that started it all spotlights its fruitiness and wraps it in oak flavor. This set the basis for a smooth, seamless drinking experience that characterizes Icicle Ridge’s high standards. Additionally, their inventive concoctions such as their Chocolate Cherry Passion and Raspberry Riesling are delightful treats you can take home with you. 

Leavenworth Wine Tasting Tours You Can’t Miss

Snowshoe Wine Tour 

snow shoe wine tasting

The ultimate winter tour calls for a blanket of snow and some warm wine. Before heading to Leavenworth’s infamous Christmas Lighting Festival, strap on some snowshoes and venture through the refreshing cool of Washington winter. 

Blue Sky Outfitters’s guides will lead you to picturesque sights, then send you off on a 3-hour wine tour. An Adventure Bus will bring you through a relaxing outing visiting local wineries. This encounter with Leavenworth’s beautiful landscapes and beautifully crafted wines is a bucket-list item ready to be checked off. 

Bavarian Bike Tour 

Summer and fall bring gushing crystal rivers and warm skies which residents take advantage of by pedaling through scenic trails. You too can luxuriate in Leavenworth’s natural world as you whiz by looming trees and green fields on a guided electric bicycle tour

Witness views so rich that you have to blink twice to believe the breathtaking sights are real. You will learn about the surrounding area of Leavenworth as your guide takes you through a living panorama. There are opportunities to participate in wine tasting in orchards, followed by a visit to Icicle Ridge Winery. 

Leavenworth Wine Tasting Festivals

wine tasting in Leavenworth washington

Wenatchee Wine and Food Festival 

200 Washington wineries come together to enter the Wenatchee Wine and Food wine competition. As summer gives way to fall, this festival will bring the best local wines into one place for you to try and buy. If you’re looking to try something else, craft beers and ales are brought in by nearby breweries and served. Soak in the festival’s choice of live music as you give your taste buds an adventure. 

Leavenworth Wine Walk

Wine tasting and exploring Leavenworth doesn’t have to be two separate events. The Leavenworth Wine Walk is an educational and remarkable stroll downtown where visitors learn and taste the deep history of Leavenworth and its vineyards. It is also another excuse to take in Washington’s extraordinary scenery one more time before you head home. 

Conclusion – Wine Tasting in Leavenworth, WA 

Leavenworth is a delight to behold and never fails to impress with its strong collection of fruitful wineries and marvelous backdrops. This mountain village is the perfect destination for adventure lovers and wine enthusiasts. As you leave Leavenworth after a splendid vacation, remember that you will still be able to relive adventuring this Washington gem. Pouring a glass of one of your newly-bought Leavenworth favorites will transport you back to your one-of-a-kind trip. 

Make sure to add Leavenworth to your list of the best places for wine tasting near me, and for more wine tasting around you check out our wine tasting in Spokane article.

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