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What’s unique about meori?

Simply put, it’s the design and quality. Once you open the box and fold the bottom panels down, you’ll see for yourself. meori is made for real life—the fabric is tough, the seams are secure, the handles are reinforced—and those details add up to a strong, long-lasting box. Everyday messes are fully anticipated; meori wipes clean with a damp cloth.

How do meori boxes secure shut?

Each box has an elastic band sewn on one side. Just lift the bottom panels of the box, push the front and back together, pull the elastic band around the whole box, and done. Simple.

Are the boxes decorative?

They absolutely can be. Some have patterns, and some might just be great color matches for your home. Lots of customers use theirs to hold childrens’ toys, etc., because the small boxes are made to fit standard 11” x 11” shelves and they come in bright, happy colors.

What are the accessories for?

meori offers a cooler, a six-pack insert, and a picnic insert, all of which fit our small boxes. With a large box, however, you can use two inserts—perfect for an outing to the beach, for instance. A large box is double the size of the small, with two compartments instead of one. Our cover fits the large box only, and simply slides on over the top of the box.

How do people use meori?

One of the big advantages of meori is that carrying these boxes is much easier on your back than carrying several bags. The handles allow you to stand up straight and distribute weight evenly. For that reason, many people use meori to carry groceries, to pack up gear for car camping or a day outing, even to keep in the car when they run errands