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Washington WineriesYou will find that some of the best wines in the country are produced in Washington State. If you wish to indulge in wine tasting in Washington State, you do not need to look further than the Northwestern countryside. Nestled into this corner of the United States, you will find that Washington Wine Country is quite special. The unique weather and the fertile soil allow for ideal grape-growing conditions. The state gets over 300 days of sunshine, which is necessary for the growth and cultivation of grapes.

The area maintains its rustic and idyllic charm. From lakeside villages to old taverns, you will find that the region is very much into the art of winemaking. With the sheer abundance of towns and hamlets to visit, you have many options available to you. In our guide, we shall take a look at some places in Washington wine country and see which ones are worth your time and money.

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Wine Tasting in Woodinville

The town of Woodinville is approximately 30 minutes away from the city of Seattle. It is perhaps the only place where you can get a taste of wine country, without venturing into wine country. The reason for this is because a lot of wineries choose to produce their wines in Woodinville, despite growing their grapes on the east mountains. The town is filled with over 150 wineries. Apart from a bustling wine scenery, there’s also the presence of many breweries as Washington happens to be the biggest producer of hops in the country.

Woodinville and Washington state are also featured on our guide to wine tasting along the West coast.

Top Wineries in Woodinville

Chateau St. MichelleChateau Ste. Michelle

A winery with lush green surrounding, it is one of Woodinville’s most popular places. From live musical acts to wild peacocks Chateau St. Michelle is a place worth your time.


With a claim to compete against the best in the world, and a range of super affordable wines, Gorman is truly a unique place. It is consistently rated as one of the best wineries in the country by critics.


This winery has a unique story; run by a couple, a former reporter and a cop, Guardian has been in business since 2007. Today after over a decade of producing some of the finest wines, they now have some of the best tasting rooms in all of Woodinville.

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Wine Tasting in Walla Walla

A quaint town, Walla Walla was once known for its farmland. Today, however, the story is different. Walla Walla is Washington wine country’s crown jewel. The landscape and weather of the valley help in producing some of the best merlots and cabernets. There are over a hundred wineries in the area and each of whom has multiple tasting rooms in the valley. The restaurant scene in the area is also notable.

Top Wineries in Walla Wallabigstock Yellow Leaves Vines Rows Grape 108524951

Rotie Cellars

A winery dedicated to the illustrious Rhone Valley in France, Rotie Cellars have been in the business for over a decade. The concept is simple, use old winemaking methods for new vines that grow in Washington State. A must visit if you are on the lookout for something authentic.

Bergevin Lane

With nearly two decades of experience, Bergevin Lane is a venture that represents the best of Walla Walla. The terrestrial wines are some of the finest in the country and with tasting rooms located downtown, it makes for an easy visit.

Wine Tasting in Chelan

A picturesque lake, with over 30 wineries in and around the shoreline, is there a better place you could ask for? Chelan is a place where you can taste the beauty of the surroundings in a glass of wine. It is a wine lover’s paradise, with stunning views of the lake and green meadows.

It is a mere three-hour drive from Seattle and what awaits you is views, good food, and even better wine!

Top Wineries in Chelan

Vin du Lac Winery and Bistro

A wine tasting bistro overlooking Lake Chelan, Vin du Lac is a place that should be on your list when visiting Chelan. From the beautiful weather to the melodic sounds of jazz, this place has it all.

Alta Cellars

A winery that produces some of the finest and premium, Bordeaux, Alta brings together fruits from the best vineyards in the area. Their wines are limited release quantities and getting your hands on one is nothing short of an achievement.

Wine Tasting in SeattlePhoto Oct 02 3 47 32 PM 1

The emerald city is no longer the quiet suburban northwest town, it is instead a bustling metropolis. The city is home to many of the finest restaurants in the country and over a hundred wineries. You can find all varieties of wines, ranging from Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon.

Top Wineries in Seattle

SODO Urbanworks

A very unique place, SODO brings together over 10 different wineries under one roof. The concept is to provide visitors with the best of wine tasting Washington State has to offer. You can also savor the delicious pizza and try out the seltzer.

The Estates Wine Room

A wine tasting haven that houses wines from not only Washington but also the neighboring areas. If you wish to sample an assorted variety of wine and indulge in the taste of different states this place is for you.


Wine Tasting in Spokane

The town of Spokane is where you can find some of the most renowned wineries in all of Washington. Once you head to the Cork District, where there are 15 wineries within touching distance of one another, you will be left speechless. Not only are there wineries, but you can also find four-star hotels, broadway shows, and fine dining restaurants.

Top Wineries in Spokane

Latah Creek Wine Cellars

A winery where you can enjoy some splendid and picturesque views, sample a range of wines and learn more about winemaking. You can also pick up a great gift basket and add a bottle of your choice to go.

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

An estate built in 1942 and now the headquarters for Arbor Crest, the Cliff House Estate is one of the premier destinations for wine tasters.

Wine Tasting in Leavenworth

A town 2 hours away from the bustling city of Seattle, Leavenworth lies on the fringes of Columbia Valley. A town with a distinct Bavarian theme, you can be mistaken for thinking this town is home to only Biers and Bratwursts. However, Leavenworth is also home to over a dozen wineries and winetasting rooms. The town is also notable for its arts and theatre culture as well as for nearby white water rafting trips.

Top wineries in Leavenworth

Bordeaux Cellars

A winery that prides itself on using old winemaking techniques combined with the culture of Louisiana. True to its namesake, you can find some of the best Bordeaux in the country here.

Silvara Cellars

The finest ultra-premium award-winning wines are here at Silvara Cellars. The winery offers some of the most gorgeous views of the Cascade hills and the valley beyond. It is the perfect place to destress from the hustle of a big city.

Wine Tasting in Vancouver WA

Perhaps the place where the wine culture originated from, Vancouver has been a wine connoisseur’s paradise since the mid-1800s. The hills of Clark County, Vancouver makes some of the best varieties of wine in Washington. It is a place that invites everyone, from the amateur wine taster to the seasoned veterans.

Top Wineries in Vancouver

maryhill ampitheaterMaryhill Winery

A winery that has been around for decades, in 2019 they launched a tasting room in Vancouver’s highly valued waterfront district. A place designed to serve visitors a wide variety of wines made only in Washington.

Airfield Wine Estates

Established in 1907, Airfield has been making some of the best wines in the valley for over a century. Previously selling wine grapes to other wineries till 2005, Airfield Estates has gained a good reputation since then.

Wine Tasting in Yakima

A place that produces over half of all wines in Washington State, with 17,000 acres of vineyards and 120 wineries, Yakima Valley is the place to be if you are a wine lover. You will find hundreds of tasting rooms scattered across the valley.

Top Wineries in Yakima

Antolin Cellars

A collection of wines that represent the fertility of Yakima Valley are on offer at Antolin Cellars. It is a boutique winery, where you can enjoy pleasant live music along with your glass of wine.

Freehand Cellars

Situated in Rattlesnake Hills, Freehand Cellars offers pristine views of Yakima Valley along with the finest wine the area has to offer. With tasting flights starting as low as 10$, it is surprisingly affordable.

Conclusion – Wine Tasting in Washington StatePhoto Oct 02 3 58 28 PM

If you are looking for some of the best wine tasting Washington State, these places should be on the top of your list. Lately, Washington has gained prominence in producing some of the best wines in the world, and if you are a wine enthusiast, you should be here!

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