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Cleaning Tips and Care Instructions for meori Products

cleaning tips and care instructructions for your meori

You’ve probably purchased one of our portable storage solutions in part, because we told you it is durable and functional. Like all well-made things, they will last longer when you follow some basic care and treatment guidelines. We want you to get the most out of your meori with these cleaning tips and care instructions.

Treat Them with a Little TLC: meori products are designed with high-quality, durable materials and can hold up to 65 lbs.  But like any item, treating it with care will ensure its longevity. Avoid overloading, sharp objects and unnecessary rough handling.  DO NOT submerge ANY products in water unless your product is one of our washable Trunk Organizers.  And even then, it would be better to spray it with the hose instead of submerging it in water. 

The washable Trunk Organizer is our premium trunk organizer because of the materials it is made from. It holds it shape for years under heavy loads and you can spray it off with the hose after messy spills or using it outdoors for camping and gardening.

Clean Them Regularly: Sometimes, the unexpected happens. If you spill something on your meori product, immediately wipe it off with a soft, damp sponge. For more stubborn stains, use a mild spray soap. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemical cleaners as these can damage the material.  Again, do not submerge your meori totes and bins in water unless you have one of our washable Trunk Organizers.  Always dry them completely before folding your meori back up.

A Word About our Premium Collapsible Trunk Organizers: These babies are washable.  They are made with hard plastic interior pieces and a ripstop material outer lining which means they can get wet and they hold their shape against heavy loads for an extra long time.  If you are planning on hauling lots of groceries regularly or looking for storage containers for outdoor activities, these are your best bet.  Even when you spill things like wine, syrup or craft supplies, you can hose these containers off and scrub them with soap and water.  Just make sure to thoroughly dry them before you fold them back up. 

Dry Them Fully: After your meori product is squeaky clean, ensure it is thoroughly dry before you use it again or fold it up for storage. Dampness can jeopardize the integrity of the material and reduce its lifespan.

Fold Them Properly: One of the unique features of meori products is their foldable design. Incorrect folding might strain the joints and fabric, causing it to wear out faster.  When folding your meori and its accessories, simply pull the reinforced tab at the bottom of the tote or bin and then push the sides together.  All of our folding storage bins collapse down into a slim case simply by pulling up the bottom tab and then collapsing the sides. Many of our other products like our Office Tote Bag, Craft Tote, and Utility Tote have similar structured bottom pieces that you pull up to collapse. Our Collapsible Shopping Basket also includes an elastic band that you can wrap around the folded container to keep it secure. For best results, tuck any shoulder straps or soft sides of the container inside the front and back piece.

This Collapsible Market Basket folds down into a slim case that is easily stored in your car or pantry. The neon green elastic band as show here holds it together. When open, the band is attached to the inside of the basket, not visible from the outside.

To see how each one of our products is folded and unfolded, visit our YouTube channel here.

Store Them in a Cool, Dry Place: When not in use, store your meori product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to harsh environmental factors can damage the color and texture of the material.

Store Your Accessories with the Matching Container: Our storage bins all come with a mesh pocket and most of our totes have at least one interior zip pocket as well.  When you purchase any of our storage accessories for your meori, we recommend storing them in the interior pocket of the tote or bin so you always have it when you need it. 

All of our folding storage bins, wine carriers, trunk organizers and reusable grocery totes come with an inner mesh pocket or zipper pocket making it easy to store accessories like this Carrying Handle shown here. That way, it’s there when you need it.

Remember, meori products are made to simplify your life, and with proper care and maintenance, they will serve you beautifully and efficiently for years to come.

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