Tips to Improve your Home Office Setup

Your home office may have been neglected, especially if you’ve been working remotely for months or years at this point. The good news is that there are more options than ever before for making your home office meet your needs. Need an office that can be “put away” at the end of the day because you use the space for other things after 5pm? There’s supplies for that. Need to fit in some slow walking on a desk treadmill or need to stand to get the creative juices flowing? There are desks for that. Need to never forget a few core items when moving from office to home due to hybrid work? Yep, you can actually stay organized. Another perk is that the right furniture and accessories can help you showcase your home office and sell your home, since spaces that make good home offices are in high demand these days. 

Here’s how to improve your setup for a better 2023 working in your home office.

Prepare for Hybrid Work With Portability Solutions 

By investing in a high-quality desktop organizer and office tote bag, you can easily end a work-from-home day by filling up your bags with exactly what you’ll need at the office tomorrow, and vice versa. One of the hardest things to balance with working from home and the office each week is making sure nothing crucial gets left at the wrong location, wasting time and energy. Instead, make the most of your hybrid schedule and keep everything in exactly the spot you’ll need it when you dash off to the office for a meeting tomorrow.  And even if you are strictly working in your home office, you probably move around your home during different times of the day, making portability important even in the home.

Two great solutions for hybrid workers – a portable desktop organizer that holds your devices and a sturdy Office Tote that won’t tip over in the car or on the train.

Consider Adjustable Desk Options For Getting Daytime Mobility

When you work long hours at a computer, it’s easy to end up with hunched, aching shoulders and uncomfortable, stiff limbs and joints – you just don’t move enough. While few people have the stamina to work constantly from standing or walking, having a treadmill desk or a standing-to-sitting adjustable desk could be right for you. When you’re on an audio-only call, for instance, slowly walking on your treadmill will keep enough bloodflow for you to actually stay more focused. Just standing up for a little while during a low-energy task can be really nice, especially after lunch or at another time of day when you find yourself a little sluggish. If you know you’ll be working out of this home office for a while, spruce it up with what you need to do your best work.


Level up your home office setup with this adjustable desk from Costco is a great value for the money and fits in a small space. Here are other recommendations to consider.

Clear Out Clutter and Organize What Needs to Stay

After months or years of working from home, you definitely amass office clutter. Get serious one day about getting it all out and for things that need to stay, give them an organization solution. For items that need to be used every day, find a way to see them clearly without having them strewn in piles, and for items that are less frequently used, invest in high-quality office storage. The time you spend getting everything set up will come back to you quickly as you waste less time than ever looking for that one document or the one stapler that works. 


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