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Easy Home Organizing Ideas and Decluttering Hacks Using Folding Storage Bins

Home Storage Ideas Including Closet Refresh and Decluttering

Home organizing can seem like an overwhelming task to launch into in the dark, cold months of winter but if you follow these easy steps, you can make a big difference in your home for a minimal amount of effort, just in time for spring and getting outdoors. 

Step 1:  Home organizing starts with decluttering the below items from your space. 

This list is based on my own experience of decluttering in my household of five people, one dog and a cat. 

  1. All those cosmetic samples in the bathroom – take them to a shelter for donation.
  2. Gifts you received that you don’t want – take them to Goodwill.  They are probably new and someone will really appreciate them!
  3. Boxes that electronics came in – recycle them!
  4. Electronics, Cables, devices, remotes that you no longer use – look up where the nearest recycling place is for old devices and electronics.  Many will take these things for free.
  5. Winter Clothes that you no longer wear or want.   If this is all too much, just sort out all the outerwear in the house that no one wears anymore.  These items are always welcome at the local shelter. 

Step 2: Target and organize small spaces around the house that tend to collect lots of little clutter. 

We recommend using meori Mini Boxes with and without the added Insert to corral all those little things in an easy and attractive way. 

  • Organize your desk – For the desk, take all of your pens, pencils, ruler, sticky notes, highlighters, business cards, reading glasses and other small items and simply arrange them in a storage cube so that it looks neat and tidy and you can see all the items for when you need them.  This calls for a Mini Box with Insert (maybe even two) so choose the color that best matches your home office décor and remember that you can coordinate this with our Hanging File Boxes and Small Storage Cubes if you want to clean up your paper files and tidy up your shelving units as well. 
home organizing can be easy when using mini storage cubes to organize places like your desk
Instantly create an organized workspace with these mini storage bins, available in 20+ colors.
  • Organize your bathroom counters – A bathroom looks instantly cleaner when you tidy up all the things on the counter.  And wouldn’t it be easier to clean the counters if you only had to pick up a container or two instead of the all the individual grooming products in order to clean the surface?  Yes!  Here you may want to have one mini box for each member of the family who uses that bathroom. 
organize the bathroom counters with mini storage cubes for easy home organizing
His and Hers bathroom counter supplies.
  • Organize your nightstand – I don’t know about you, but my nightstand can become cluttered with all kinds of small items and then it becomes hard to dust.  What do you need on your nightstand?  Here’s my list:  tiny notebook and pen to make lists, charging cable, reading glasses, cloth to clean reading glasses, earplugs, wrist brace for wearing at night.  I keep all those items in a mini box that matches my bedspread.
Makes it easier to dust and keeps it all together.
  • Organize the entryway table – Most of us have a surface near the front door that just collects a bunch of crap.  An easy way to make this all look tidier and more under control is to first use a wooden tray to corral all those things into one container.  Visually, it really makes a difference when looking for easy home organizing tips and tricks.  This is a great place to store reusable grocery bags, so you won’t forget them.  And then use a Mini Box to hold the keys, envelopes, sunglasses, face masks and other items that live in this space.
entryway organization for reusable grocery bags
Using a tray to corral all those things on the entryway table will visually make everything look tidier.

Step 3: Do a quick organization of overflowing closets and pantry. 

For easy home organizing, the meori Small Storage Cubes are great for items in the clothing closet.  Medium Storage Boxes are perfect for organizing the pantry.

  • Organize overflowing clothes closet – An easy way to create order in a stuffed closet is to use foldable storage cubes to organize by item.  Create a box for t-shirts, one for out of season items, one for workout clothes, one for sandals and store them on shelves or even the floor of the closet.  Perhaps you can grab a small IKEA cube and put those boxes in the cube next to the closet, creating more room for hanging clothes.
organize the clothing closet by storing overflowing clothes in folding storage bins with labels in an IKEA shelf
Small Storage Bins can organize overflowing clothes from the closet into a cube shelf. Use Labels to help make everything easier to find and keep organized.
  • Organize under the sinks – A quick way to organize this space and make it easier to clean the house is to simply take a folding storage box and put all the cleaning supplies (including paper towels) that you use to do the weekly cleaning in the house.  This tidies up the space and create a convenient container to tote your supplies around the house as you do the weekly cleaning.
organize your linen closet with folding storage bins and labels using the Marie Kondo folding method.
Combine with Marie Kondo folding technique with Small Storage Cubes to create order and visual calm in your linen closet. Organize your guest supplies like sheets and bath products so you are always ready.
  • Organize your craft space – An easy way to clean up the craft space (especially when you don’t have a dedicated room) is to use lightweight, stackable storage bins with lids.  You can even combine them with mini storage bins that fit inside the large bins to store and organize the small craft supplies.  This also makes a great way to transport all your supplies when you want to craft with friends or on vacation.
  • Organize your linens – The Marie Kondo method of folding is a big help here.  Once you have your towels and sheets folded, store them in categories in foldable Storage Bins with Labels.  One box can hold all your guest sheets, one box for single bed sheets, one box for face towels, one box for bathroom supplies.  The boxes also help create more structure for items that you want to have on hand and not stored in boxes. 
  • Organize your pantry – One of the easiest things you can do here is to store all your water bottles, beverages, and extra wine glasses in foldable boxes with bottle inserts.  This will instantly tidy up your pantry and/or create more space in your kitchen cupboards.   
home organizing ideas for the pantry folding storage bins with bottles and supplies
Foldable Storage Bins with bottle inserts can organize a pantry in a snap or help free up space in the cupboards by storing water bottles and extra glasses in the pantry or garage.

Step 4: Step back, relax and enjoy the rest of the winter in your decluttered, organized home. 

Looking for more ideas on how to live a more organized life at home and on-the-go? Check out the full meori blog , “Organize Life” including specific ideas on how to organize your home room by room.


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