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Folding Storage Bins.
Tote Bags. Wine Carriers.

Portable Storage Solutions for an Organized Life

Simple, Easy, Organized

Small Storage Bins fit into Kallax IKEA shelves

Organize every room in the house.

Enjoy less clutter and find the right sized fabric Storage Bin for every organizing project.   From mini size to extra large Storage Bins with Lids plus lots of colors to choose from. 

Check out our collection of trendy folding storage bins, collapsible totes, foldable organizers and more.

Our Folding Storage Bins Sizes

Wine Carriers

Let’s face it: you don’t really want to lug around wine bottles in a normal shopping bag. You can’t get them to stop clinking while on the move and you can’t get them all to stand upright on a surface.

Well, now you don’t have to try.

Our wine carriers are the only solution of their kind on the market. They’re stylish and sturdy collapsible totes with padded inserts that you can bring to a party or an outdoor event. Easily carry anywhere between two to 12 wine bottles with you with carriers designed for these amounts. Once you’re done, fold up the carrier and tuck it away.

Voted best overall Wine Tote by Liquor.com1

Our Customers Love Our Products, and
They’re Pretty Vocal About It!

I thought I had an issue with my order and contacted meori. I received a prompt response and they went above and beyond to resolve my complaint. Additionally, they threw in some additional freebies in my original and replacement order. I’ve used their bins for years and they are super durable against my toddler’s abuse.

Thank you for an amazing product and outstanding customer service! -Braden

I love my meori Large boxes for Costco runs. I leave them in the car and then load them straight from the cart. No cardboard to recycle when I get home and everything stays put in the trunk. -Kim 

This wine carrier is the best! I was recently at Total Wine and was bombarded by three families who were envious of the my collapsible, eco-friendly wine carrier. No more getting rid of large cardboard boxes after a trip to the wine store for this girl. Pssst…. @Total Wine, you should probably sell this in your stores! -Elizabeth

The large box is going to be used to keep small tools in order in car trunk, while at work during the gardening season. The small box is probably going to be used to hold smaller, cleaner items in the car cabin.
These boxes are very well thought off, and look similarly well manufactured. The actual box colours are as seen on the web site. Purchasing through the web site was a breeze. Information I needed: sizes, colours, etc. was readily available. The order was shipped very quickly.
I would like to give special praise to exceptionally good customer service I received, while sorting out a shipping error caused by a third party. Probably the best experience of this sort I ever had.
Thank you for great products and service. Looking forward to putting these boxes to good use. -Vadim

Lava Black Grocery Basket

Reusable and On-the-go!

At meori, we’ve solved storage. If you own it, we’ll help you store it. Our multi-use, multipurpose containers are not only designed to save you time, but also to be used over and over again. Built to last, they’re perfect for everything from gifts to groceries. Don’t rely on disposable bags anymore — rely on our bags made with recyclable materials to support an eco-friendly, confident lifestyle.

We have everything from dapper office totes for busy bees to craft storage bags for the creative mavericks and trunk organizers for the travel junkies. No matter who you have in mind, we promise we have the container they need to complement their lifestyle.

Who We Are

We’re Dirk and Deirdre Meyer. We founded meori because we’re passionate about helping people stay organized while they’re on the move. We believe that an organized life is a happier one!

We designed our line of reusable folding storage bins, containers, and totes while we were living in Germany. They’re made to store everything from groceries to sporting gear, and help simplify everyday life for you.