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Creative ways to organize your art studio and craft room.

Craft storage Ideas

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Maureen is a full-time artist creating works of joy and whimsy using color, line, form, and pizazz.  She lives in Helena, MT under The Big Sky which is the source of her artistic inspiration.  Maureen loves exploring a wide variety of art processes such as painting, sculpture, and mixed media.  Experiencing one of Maureen’s paintings has the potential to bring to the viewer that same wonderment and freshness that exists in the world around us. Learn her creative ways to organize your art studio and craft room.

Art studios and craft rooms are special environments where creativity, exploration, and discovery all take place to produce beautiful pieces of art.  They are sacred spaces.  As the creative process begins the artist explores many art mediums and tools and that leads to messy spaces; however, messiness is part of the process.  But that does not mean that art studios need to look like a chaotic garage sale filled with unsightly tools and globs of paint.  Instead, the studio can reflect the beauty of the art. 

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So if you struggle keeping your art studio or craft room organized, meori can help you out.  These beautiful and well-constructed boxes are ideal for the artist of all ages. 

Working in a studio that is well organized has many benefits.  Having tools and materials at your fingertips saves time and enhances your workflow.  Searching for the misplaced tool only robs the artist of the time they need to create and to reflect.  Having a specific place for materials makes cleaning up easier and less stressful.  The meori system of boxes offers the artist a wide range of organizing materials and solutions that are beautiful, easy to use, flexible and durable. 

Tips For Organizing Your Art Studio

Here are some ways that you can incorporate meori boxes in your art studio.  Depending on the materials and tools that you sue, these solutions can be altered to meet your needs. 

  1. meori boxes are both beautiful in color and design.  They enhance any art space with a sense of calm and joy.  Art room organization doesn’t have to be ugly or monotonous with the system of meori boxes. 

scissors and box

  1. meori boxes are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of art and craft supplies, such as paint, brushes, tools, paper, fabric, canvas panels and much more.  Pro Tip:  If you would like the brushes and tools to stad up straight for easy access and visibility, just fill the box half was with rice or add a meori Insert with a mini box or small box with a removable Desk or Magazine Insert

  1. meori boxes are simple, sturdy and easy to handle and they can hold a lot of weight.  The mini boxes are wonderful for storing markers, pens and pencils. 

Merori box A second take

Shown here: Double Mini Box and a single compartment Mini Box

4. You many be wondering if you can store paint in these boxes.  Yes you can.  meori offers a plastic Waterproof Insert which is ideal for paint containers and fits into the Small Foldable Box like a glove.  You will not have to worry about damaging the box if the paint spills because the wash insert liner is waterproof and has two convenient handles to lift it out of the box when cleaning.  The insert is very durable and easy to install. 

A100831 4 Foldable Box Office Letter Granite Grey Solid LST

Carry your files wherever you need them with a
Hanging File Box.

Many artists today work as full time artists and run their own art business.  This means they also have a variety of office tasks such as keeping records of sales, gallery presentations, marketing, art venues, income and expense.  While many of these tasks can be organized on a computer, there are situations where it is important to keep paper records of some business items.  meori offers a broad selection of Hanging File Boxes that are perfect for paper files. 

Working in a well-organized art studio has many benefits.  Having tools and materials at your fingertips saves time and enhances your work flow.  Use these creative ways to organize your art studio! Searching for misplaced tools robs the artist of the time they need to create and to reflect.  Having a specific place for materials makes cleaning up easier and less stressful.  Reducing stress will only enhance the beauty and meaning of your daily art work.  You will enjoy finding creative ways to organize your art studio with meori boxes and accessories. 

A little about our special guest blogger who happens to be our co-founder Deirdre’s cousin! Maureen White is an artist with a focus on creating art that brings meaning and joy to the human spirit.  She is also the author of the blog Urbanpasturesart.com/blog.  From her studio in Montana, Maureen creates original canvas paintings, both commissioned and non-commissioned, and creates beautiful folk art including wooden Easter decorations and Christmas ornaments.  Visit her website for more information on her portfolio of work, Urban Pastures Art.

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