Clever Mudroom Ideas and Storage Tips

Mudrooms are made to be messy. It’s where you store outerwear, shoes, and other accessories before entering the house, so it makes sense. However, a messy mudroom can be stressful to look at. It may even make you feel conscious when guests come over. Luckily for you, there are a few ways to organize your mudroom and make it look presentable as a side benefit. While we’ve previously shared some easy home organizing ideas, allow us now to present some easy to implement (and not too expensive) mudroom ideas and storage tips you should try.

Invest in motion sensor lights 

Your mudroom is the first and last place you encounter when entering or leaving your house, so it’s a high-traffic area. Investing in motion sensor lights is one of the most clever ideas you can try for your mudroom. This way, you don’t have to worry about manually switching the lights on, especially when you’re in a hurry or when you come home late at night. It’s also one way to be more eco-friendly at home, as these lights only consume electricity after sensing movement. You can install different types of motion sensor lights—like overhead lights—to illuminate the whole area. You can also try hallway lights close to the floor so you can see your shoes and check if they’re dirtying the floor. This should make it easier to clean your mudroom and prevent it from becoming messy too quickly.

Mudroom Ideas and Storage Tips with Storage Cubes
Storage Bins can be an easy and inexpensive way to declutter and store household items in your mudroom.

Utilize hooks to hang everyday items

One great mudroom organization idea is to hang on-the-go items like umbrellas and coats on hooks. This will help you maximize the vertical space in the room provided by walls and doors. Doing so also ensures that you never forget to take handy items, like reusable grocery bags, with you when you leave. Instead, they’re conveniently ready to grab when you’re in a rush. Using one double hook per person is an excellent idea because it saves more space than single hooks. This way, you can see where everything is—and no one has to waste time rummaging through a closet for their items.

Use a moisture-guard doormat

A moisture-guard doormat absorbs more moisture than a regular doormat: it can hold up to almost two cups of water. Having these at your entrance keeps you from ruining your floors when it’s raining or snowing. A more clever idea is placing an additional moisture-guard doormat under your hooks. Here, it can catch the water dripping from umbrellas and raincoats, so you avoid having slippery and dirty floors. You’ll also prevent mildew and mold buildup, which is unfortunately very common in untidy mudrooms. To prevent falls caused by the doormat slipping and sliding, you can use items like gripper tape to keep everything in place.

Install a floating bench with drawers

A floating bench is essential if you’re looking for a good mudroom storage idea. You can sit on it as you put your shoes on. If you get one with drawers, you’ll have additional storage for socks, gloves, and the like. Finally, floating benches make it easier to clean your mudroom because they don’t cover the floor. A robot vacuum cleaner can access the underside of a floating bench even if it only has a narrow gap. These vacuums are typically only 3 inches tall to access hard-to-reach areas, which is helpful in mudrooms that can hoard a lot of dust and dirt. Before installing a floating bench—especially one with drawers—make sure it’s at a height that’s good for sitting and cleaning the floor under it.

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