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Big Ideas for Small Crafting Spaces

Big Ideas for Crafting Spaces
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If you’re an avid crafter, you likely have numerous projects in the works at any given time, often with a wide variety of equipment and supplies. Keeping it all organized is a task in and of itself, but with some innovative organizational approaches, you can find everything you need for the perfect small craft storage room. meori is your go-to resource when it comes to storage solutions that fit every need. 

Why Organization Is Essential

Craft room organization

All crafters love picking up unusual items on sale here and there, but how often do we stash them away only to forget where they’ve been tucked and end up running out to buy more supplies to finish a project? Creating an organizational system that you’ll stick with will allow you to focus on the enjoyment of crafting without continually searching for your crimping pliers, silver wire, or resin molds. If you feel short on space, declutter an existing room or niche and turn it into a micro-sized small craft room.

Why You Need a Craft Room uniform look

The best thing about having a room dedicated entirely to crafting is that you don’t have to put everything away at the end of your work period to make room on the kitchen table, or whatever other surface you’ve been using as a makeshift space. According to Artsy Crafty Mom, when you’re organizing your small craft room, keep your tools, materials, and projects out of the way of kids, pets, and household traffic – a good thing for your craftwork, and a safe, smart bet for curious kitties and kids. 

Making the Most of Small Spaces

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Even if you don’t have a large space, you can still be innovative with your small spaces. Consider using bulletin boards or pegboards to store tools, and install a table that folds out from the wall to expand your workspace. If you have a messy type of craft, you could install a wet sink, or even a temporary basin you clean out at the end of the day. The key is really about creating a system that supports the way you work.

Multiple Storage Totes Option

Go into any craft store and you’ll find numerous storage options, often craft-specific – for example, tiny gem cases for seed beads, rhinestones, and sequins; portfolios and sliding drawers for craft and scrapbooking paper; and portable plastic totes for moving and storing everything from yarn skeins to paints, brushes, molding clays and die-cutting machines. These can be an essential part of a small craft room. According to Apartment Therapy, think vertical: totes are easily stacked and stowed, and the design itself gives you the added benefit of making your crafting portable.

foldout craft table

All-in-One Craft Studio

Not everyone can devote an entire room to crafting, so the next best thing is a fold-out wall unit that includes storage racks and expandable workspaces. You may be able to custom-build one or buy a ready-to-install product. This allows you to maintain your organization, keep everything in one space, and fold it up and out of sight at the end of your crafting session

Staying Safe 

Safety in crafting is always wise. Make sure you have a ventilated space if you’re doing anything with metals, gas, or glass melting. Even fumes from some oils and paint markers can be toxic. A hood vent can work well – a window fan is another alternative. Flooring and workspaces should be easy to clean and non-flammable. A stone counter or metal-sheeted surface can be useful, as can easy-to-clean floors. You don’t want to have anything flammable or stainable in your workspace.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to buy fancy products to serve as craft storage containers. Tupperware, plastic boxes you find at garage sales – even ice cube trays and other Dollar Store finds can work great! If your kids want to lend a hand, make them a “craft box” all their own. This way, kids get the fun of creating with you, and you get to maintain your personal craft stash.

meori is home to stylish craft storage solutions including totes, cubes, organizers, and pouches. Visit the site today to view options and special offers.

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