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Beer Tasting Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Craft Beer Tasting
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Keith Adams is a craft beer enthusiast, homebrewer, and creator of BeerSelfie.com

While there are some great craft breweries in my neighborhood, I like to make the occasional road trip to go beer tasting in Sacramento, CA. The California capital and neighboring cities are home to about one-tenth of the golden state’s 1,000+ breweries.

This includes some standouts like Moksa Brewing in Rocklin, Burning Barrel in Rancho Cordova, Slice Beer Company in Lincoln, Moonraker Brewing in Auburn, and Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse which is just a mile from the state capitol building. Some of my favorite beers from these breweries include Urban Roots’ Luna de Miel Mexican Amber Lager, DOJO IPA from Moonraker, Blurry Dreams IPA from Slice, any of Burning Barrel’s pastry sours, and pretty much everything from Moksa.

Best Breweries in Sacramento, California

sacramento brewery map 1

Slice Beer Company in Lincoln, Fieldwork and Alaro, Big Stum and Device Breweries

Slice has the added benefit of being right next door to the delicious Old Town Pizza, and Urban Roots serves up some fantastic BBQ. Both of these breweries are family-friendly if you find yourself in the area and want to grab some great food with the kids. My kids love the food at both locations. They’re especially big fans of the macaroni and cheese, and the Dippin’ Dots ice cream machine at Urban Roots. 

Those five breweries range across about sixty miles, which makes for a nice beer-tasting Sacramento, CA road trip. Another option is to plan for a trip to the Midtown Sacramento area where you’ll find breweries like Fieldwork, Alaro, Big Stump, Device, and more all within walking distance of each other.

I really like Curious Haze IPA from Device, any of Big Stump’s sour beers, Alaro’s lagers, and Pulp IPA from Fieldwork. Alaro is a good bet for food with its delicious tapas. Dinner and beers at Alaro, followed by a walk to nearby Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates make for a perfect date night. They even make a Device Brewing Double IPA bittersweet bonbon!

Sac Brew Bike
Sac Brew Bike looks fun!

You can do some beer tasting and stroll through this lovely neighborhood, or even wander over to nearby Capitol Park. Midtown is full of trendy restaurants, bars, nightclubs, galleries, clothing boutiques, and vintage shops, as well as several music venues. You can also hop on the Sac Brew Bike, a 15 passenger cycle that tours some of Sacramento’s best breweries and beer bars. You can book individual seats, or get a group together for a private tour.

Beer Bottle Containers

However you plan your craft brewery road trip, you’ll want to bring some beer back home with you. You’re not going to want bottles and cans rolling around in your car. The last thing you need is a bottle of beer breaking open. I want my bottles and cans looking pristine to make sure they’re looking good on Instagram when I post a beer selfie.

Enter meori! These reusable, eco-friendly storage containers are perfect for your beer stash at home, or on the go.  I have a 2 bottle insulated tote for those beers you want to make sure stay cold, a 6 bottle tote, and a 12 bottle carrier for when I’m feeling ambitious. The larger two are collapsible for easy storage between road trips, or just leave them full to help organize your cellar.

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meori’s Wine Carriers range from 2-Bottle Totes to 12-Bottle Carriers. One for whatever occasion your adventure takes you. Not just for wine, but beer and other spirits that need to be carried, transported or stored. Looking for places to wine taste? Check out our blog Wine Tasting Near Me.

Whether you’re bringing home a big bottle of one of Moksa’s famous pastry stouts, a 32-ounce crowler from Fieldwork, or one of Urban Roots’ specialty glassware releases, you’ll be able to easily fit it all into your meori wine carriers (perfect for carrying beer) for the trip home.

Beer Tastings at Home

Beer Tasting Party

Arriving at home with all of your craft beer treasures intact is always a relief, and meori makes it happen without worry.

Next step: invite some friends over for a tasting! It’s always fun to share a taste of your brewery travels. Break out your fancy glassware and start pouring! I like to provide a variety of beer styles, with the lighter styles served first, saving the more robust beers for last.

I also try to pair each beer with an appropriate snack. A charcuterie board is always a bit hit. Herb crackers complement a crisp lager nicely. Saisons and wheat beers can be paired with a chevre cheese. Cheddar goes well with a Pale Ale or IPA. Finish up with a stout and some brownies. Beer is a social drink that livens up a gathering and is best enjoyed surrounded by friends!

Try out the meori wine carriers for your next beer tasting Sacramento, CA road trip! Which brewery are you going to try first?


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