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Bathroom Storage Ideas – Storage Tips and Tricks

Bathroom Cabinet

I have never been one to put much stock in large, luxurious bathrooms.  It’s just not me and I would I have never been one to put much stock in large, luxurious bathrooms. It’s just not me, and I would always want to have that extra space in other parts of the house, like the kitchen or the family room. But we are a household of five, with three teenagers, so I agonize on a regular basis about the state of our bathrooms. (And yes, I realize that it is a total privilege to have more than one bathroom, to begin with.) This is why we have come up with a list of bathroom storage ideas that will help you to keep your bathroom clean and organized!

photo of cluttered bathroom vanity countertop

I will admit that during the past few years, I avoided going into the kid’s bathroom as part of my strategy. The bathroom is small, there were *always* towels on the floor, toothpaste was smeared all over the counter, the counter was strewn with teenage destruction, and the garbage was, of course, invariably overflowing. But during the pandemic, as the five of us had been cooped up together pretty much 24-7, I decided to do something about it. I started to look around at small bathroom storage ideas, strategies for under-the-sink storage, and organizers that would make my small bathrooms more functional. Because let’s face it: THE MOST stressful hours in the day for any family are the hour in the morning, getting ready for the day, and the hour in the evening spent getting ready for bed.

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

bathroom with peach walls and copper accents

Short of remodeling a small bathroom, how should you approach this project? Two questions to ask yourself when seeking bathroom storage ideas for a small bathroom are:

1) What bothers you the most about this bathroom, and how can you change it? And

2) How can I utilize space that is currently not being used?

Here are some of our favorite small bathroom storage ideas:

  • Most likely, the vertical space in your bathroom is not being used to its fullest potential, especially if you have high ceilings. Try installing a shelf above the door to store extra towels, toilet paper, and bath soaps. Add shelves and hooks on the wall above the toilet or above the tile in the shower stall. Add hooks in the ceiling to hang baskets that can hold supplies that are not being currently used or are not used often.
  • Perhaps you have a small corner area in the bathroom that is empty. Add a rolling cart with shelving units to store toilet paper, hair dryers and curling irons, and extra hair products.
  • Wall cabinets are a must for any small bathroom because they can be hung wherever you have a little extra wall space, and they come in so many sizes and depths. Pro tip: choose a cabinet with sliding doors that are mirrored to save space when opening them, and to provide the optical illusion of more space with the mirror.
  • Storage baskets and fabric bathroom storage bins can be a great way to use small spaces to store bathroom accessories, as they come in so many different sizes to fit your space. For instance, meori has four sizes of fabric bathroom storage bins. Our Mini Foldable Boxes are great to utilize in small spaces, such as small shelves, window ledges, on top of the toilet, and small side tables, giving you endless options for storage.
Spring Green meori mini in the bathroom 2 Kopie
  • Using a single-color palette for walls, tiles, and floors can make your bathroom feel more spacious. Think about extending the color of your tiles to the walls, ceiling, and bathroom accessories. Choose one accent color, not multiple. Shades of blue look great with metallics and create a calming, clean effect in any bathroom.
  • Installing a simple glass wall instead of a shower curtain will make the room feel larger. And adding a shower caddy, either hanging from the showerhead or attached to the corner of the shower stall, will help to organize your bath products.

Learn more about the best home and bathroom storage ideas.

Bathroom Storage Ideas For Under-the-Sink Storage

Bathroom Cabinet

Finding the right bathroom cabinet storage or under-the-sink storage organizer is key to keeping your bathroom organized and using space well in a small space. Everything stored under the sink is at your fingertips yet helps to keep your counter space free and tidy. With more stored under the sink, your bathroom will look cleaner and tidier.

Measure your space first, and decide what you plan to put under the sink before you buy storage containers. Consider color-coordinated containers in different sizes to give it a clean, organized look.

Toothbrush holders

An under-the-sink pull-out caddy is one of the best ways to store lots under the sink and make it easy to see and retrieve those items when you want them.

Other great bathroom storage ideas involve using an over-cabinet hair tool caddy or a storage basket that hangs on the inside door of the under-the-sink cabinet. This holds all of those things you use on a daily basis, but don’t want to leave cluttering up your counter space. Pro tip: wherever you store your hair dryer, install an electrical outlet there too so that you can keep it plugged in all of the time where you store it.

Lazy susan bathroom storage

Consider a Lazy Susan or stacking acrylic storage boxes to keep cosmetics and bath products stored so that they are visible when you need them.

Bathroom Storage Ideas For Cabinet Organizers

Well-organized bathroom cabinets are the key to keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter free, and the stress level in the mornings to a minimum. Whether you are looking to add new cabinet space on a budget or just better organize the cabinets you have, here are some clever ways to do it.

Bathroom over the toilet Storage

When looking for bathroom storage ideas that add more cabinet storage, over-the-toilet storage towers are a no-brainer because you can instantly expand your storage without sacrificing valuable floor space. First, decide if you want open shelves or cabinets over the toilet. Open cubby shelves are perfect for storing candles, tissues, or rolled-up face cloths, whereas closed-door cabinets are great for stashing away toiletries and bathroom supplies. Then, measure your space. After that, decide what materials and color you want your storage shelf or cabinet to be. If you are looking to add a pop of color or textured baskets, consider an open shelved unit, then add fabric bathroom storage bins or stylish baskets.

Are you looking to clear off the floor? Think about adding a tucked-away garbage mounted to the inside of a cabinet door.

If you are looking for other ways to maximize your bathroom cabinet storage, look for risers that will allow you to create more space underneath the small items stacked on the risers. This is a great way to organize your medicine cabinet.

Install a tiered pull-out shelf system, and stock it with small bathroom storage bins and trays to organize just about anything, including hair accessories, nail kits, cleaning supplies, and other toiletries.

Do you hate the look of your cabinets? Think about removing the drawers and adding fabric bathroom storage bins or attractive baskets to provide easier access to your towels and toiletries, as well as add the color scheme that coordinates with the rest of your bathroom.

Bathroom Storage Ideas Using Bathroom Containers

Small Box for toilet paper

A word about choosing the right bathroom storage containers. Before you go out and spend a bunch of money on things you aren’t satisfied with, think about these questions: what are you trying to achieve with the storage containers? Is it just function, or do they need to look good and coordinate with your decor? What do you want to put in them, and how visible will they be? Do you want to label them? Does each person in the house need one or more dedicated bathroom storage bins? If so, how big will they be, and where will you store them?

Bathroom storage cubes are a great way to add color to the room and store things away that you want somewhat protected or hidden from view. Store towels, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and extra bath products in these containers. Give each person in the family a different colored cube for their things, and label it.

Bathroom Storage Ideas for the Small Necessities

Stacking bathroom storage bins is a great way to store a lot of things in a small space that isn’t needed every day. Medicine and first-aid items, extra toiletries, and hair accessories can be stored in this way, and see-through bathroom storage bins are a great way to quickly find what you are looking for.

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Towels

In an ideal world, there is a large linen closet in the hallway outside of the bathroom that stores all of those extra towels, sheets, and blankets that we have collected over the years. But oftentimes, that just isn’t the case. So what bathroom storage ideas are available for your towels? One of the benefits of storing towels in the bathroom is that they are easily accessible to anyone taking a shower who forgot to get their towel ahead of time.

If the bathroom cabinets are full and there is no space for towels, try the following bathroom storage ideas:

  • Consider a wall-mounted metal hook system that holds rolled-up towels.
  • Use open fabric bathroom storage bins, and rather than stacking the towels horizontally, roll them up and store them in the storage bin vertically.
  • Add attractive hooks on the wall to hang fresh towels for each person in the family.
  • Use S hooks to hang towels from a single towel rack that would otherwise hold only one towel.
  • Add a door-mounted towel rack or over-the-door set of hooks to hang towels on the back of the door.
  • Look for a towel stand that you can place near the tub or shower to hold fresh towels when you are stepping out of the tub.

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Counter Organizers

I can’t decide what bothers me more – the difficulty with cleaning the bathroom counter when it is full of tiny little cosmetics, jewelry containers, lotions, and potions, or the look of all of that chaos on my bathroom counter when I enter the room.

Either way, the most important element to having a clean and tidy bathroom that works is finding a way to keep the bathroom countertops clear of clutter and chaos.

Narrow down the items that you need for your daily routine and then put all of the other things away in cupboards or drawers that are not right at the sink. For the items you need daily, decide whether you are going to put them on your counter or in a drawer or cabinet that is close by. Then, measure your space, and determine the size of the storage container you need to hold those items.

For makeup organization, consider choosing dividers that fit in the drawer next to the sink. If you don’t have that space, find bathroom storage bins that have little dividers that will help you to sort your makeup items so that they are easy to find and well organized.

Consider using wall mounts (with or without hooks for storage containers) next to the bathroom counter for storing and organizing small items, such as cosmetics and jewelry. Some wall mounts can then be used to hang storage containers in different sizes depending on what you are storing.

Consider a tiered Lazy Susan or tiered stacking baskets to organize and display perfumes and soaps to maximize small countertop space.

If you’re having trouble keeping your bathroom or home clean, then check out this article on the 10 Daily Habits For Keeping Your Home Organized And Easier To Clean.

For storage ideas for every room in your house, check out our comprehensive Home Storage Ideas post.

Get Creative With Your Own Bathroom Storage Ideas!

We would love to hear from you about your favorite bathroom storage ideas, particularly your ideas for creating more storage space and clearing those bathroom countertops. What solutions have you found?

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