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5 Home Office Essentials for an Effective Work-From-Home Setup

Home Office Essentials including laptop with guy sitting at desk with reading lamp

Today, more employees are choosing to work from the comfort of their homes. A 2022 survey reveals that 61% prefer remote work even though their offices have reopened. Many cite better work-life balance, productivity, and the ability to focus on other responsibilities like childcare as reasons for doing so.

While a remote setup can significantly increase workers’ wellness, it can also be challenging to sustain in the long term. Setting boundaries when your job and personal space intersect is much more difficult. Many homes aren’t built to be conducive for work, either. Fortunately, there are home office essentials can make your work-from-home office much more effective. Here are five of them.

Ergonomic standing desk

Sitting for long periods can cause blood to pool in the legs. It’s also thought to slow the metabolism, increase blood pressure, and retain excess body fat. Fortunately, British researchers recently found that height-adjustable standing desks can help reduce body pain by following ergonomic principles and providing users with more comfort. A desk like the NewHeights TX reduces your sitting time while working, allowing you to avoid the negative health impacts of staying in one position for too long. This helps increase your performance, subjective health, and vitality while working.

Portable Desktop Organizer and Office Tote
This Portable Desktop Organizer holds all your devices and slides effortlessly into the meori Office Tote, making hybrid work or working from home easier and more productive.

Laptop stand

An ideal position for working is keeping your back straight, your monitor at eye level, and your elbows perpendicular to your back. But with how laptops are built, you may often be hunched over. A laptop stand like the PWR+ Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser allows you to elevate any laptop or computer to your eye level, so it’s easier to keep your back and neck straight. You can pair this with a connectable keyboard and mouse on your desk to keep your elbows parallel to the ground, avoiding strain on your shoulders. With this, you reduce body pains that result from sitting down for too long.

Portable air conditioner

Working in a hot or stuffy home office, especially in the summer, can be detrimental to your focus. A portable air conditioner can increase productivity by making your office more comfortable to work in. These models are compact and easy to move around, making them perfect for quickly putting together an office in a room without a built-in air conditioner. In particular, the Baseus Portable Air Conditioner features smart cooling, humidifying features, and a three-direction air supply to give you more effective and flexible ways for you to cool your room. This way, you can work uninterrupted in comfort.

Noise-canceling headphones

Another great way to reduce distractions in your home office is by using noise-canceling headphones. The Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless offers long continuous battery life, minimizing the need to charge, and has touch-sensitive features to help you easily cancel out sounds as you work. It’s effective in blocking out bass-heavy sounds like those made by home appliances, as well as mid-range sounds like conversations. Using such headphones can thus help you effectively focus on your tasks and consolidate your working time.

Portable Storage Solutions

Introducing new file storage into your office can make it feel cramped, especially if you don’t have a lot of free space to work with. If this is the case for your home office, you can opt for a Portable Hanging File Box to maximize organization without taking up too much room. The Hanging File Box available from meori keeps your files attractively arranged, whether you’re staying put at home or going out on the road. It’s also sturdy and lightweight enough to hold your office essentials like laptop, notebook and lunch bag. It’s completely collapsible so you can easily keep your space minimal and free of unused items. This can offer great control over your office since you can minimize the space you occupy.

Portable hanging file box in black
The meori Portable Hanging File Box holds your files plus all your work essentials, allowing you to move from space to space or during your commute.

Working from home can be rewarding since you have more control over your time. These five must-haves allow you to maximize control over your work-from-home office to achieve your ideal working space. If you want more organizing tips, you can find more here at meori!

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