How to Organize Your Home Room by Room

Is your house in need of some serious organization? It’s okay. This is a judgment-free zone. With a sIs your house in need of some serious organization? It’s okay! This is a judgment-free zone. With a season change just around the corner, why not get a headstart on spring cleaning and organization. Keep reading for some organizing suggestions and decluttering hacks for each room in your home.

meori folding file box
Use this portable office box to keep it organized in every room.


For most bedrooms, the common problem always seems to be clothing storage. Either closet space is limited, or non-existent, and finding the right kind of dresser or armoire can become a painful task, especially when they take up space in a smaller room. Investing in some good closet shelving and collapsible closet organizers is a fantastic way to provide flexibility to your bedroom without breaking the bank. Organizing with storage bins or hanging organizers is a great way to take advantage of every inch of your storage space and gives you a variety of ways to store your belongings.


meori folding box bathroom

You’ll want to pay special attention to your bathroom when considering how to organize your home room by room. This is where most people tend to have a problem with storage and finding a place to put their more discrete bathroom essentials. They’re also a breeding ground for mess and disorganization, especially if you live with other people.

If your bathroom has a vanity sink with cabinets or drawers, you can add small storage cubes to the inside to create an organized, efficient space to place your bathroom products. Or if you don’t have a vanity and your bathroom is a pretty tight space, a nifty decluttering hack is to use an above toilet cabinet to store your essentials. The main goal is to keep your stuff organized and out of sight. You can even use wall mount hooks for a more permanent solution.


meori wine carriers
More than just for carrying and storing wine.

Kitchens can easily become the drop-off zone within the house as there’s often so much stuff to store and so little space to store it. When thinking about how to organize your home room by room, find creative ways to efficiently use the space you do have in your kitchen. Use the drawers or pull-out pantry to take your organization to another level.

For instance, using foldable bottle carriers to organize your oils, vinegar, and other food prep. are both helpful for quick retrieval and also helpful so you don’t lose items in the back of cabinets. Other ways to get your kitchen organized are to add wall hangers, to keep your reusable grocery bags in an easy-to-grab spot out and out of the way from other kitchen items.

Laundry Room

The laundry room isn’t a glamorous or showpiece room. For this reason, it’s often the forgotten room in a house and just another place for things to get placed until later. Be sure to think of some decluttering hacks for it when considering how to organize your home room by room. To create a more organized area, use cubbies and storage bins with lids and other kinds of shelf organizers to keep all of your laundry essentials tidy.


If you’re having a hard time keeping your work or business separate from everyday life, then you really need to prioritize having the proper organization so that work-related things don’t spill into the rest of your home. The best way is to clearly delineate these areas. As you’re planning how to organize your home room by room, establish physical boundaries where work is work and home is home. Start off by investing in a sturdy desk with storage. Be mindful of a cluttered workspace by using hanging file boxes or a pop-up pencil pouch to keep your space in optimal performance.

meori desk organizer on a work desk

Keeping your home organized can feel like a daunting task. By using flexible and accommodating storage products like meori, you will always have customizable options for how you organize your home. Finding organization is never easy in the beginning. Using meori makes the job fun and keeps your organized lifestyle on the road to continued success.

Looking for more ideas? Check out our blog for more decluttering hacks and tips on how to organize your home room by room. 


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