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Collapsible Grocery Baskets

Shopping can be a real chore. But with our collapsible baskets with handles, you’ll make quick work of it, leaving yourself free for some much needed downtime. Plus, these collapsible carry-all totes are easy to carry and even easier to store!

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  • collapsible grocery basket tote bag blackcollapsible grocery basket black folded down

    Collapsible Shopping Basket

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  • insulated grocery basket with zipper and handles collapsible blackinsulated grocery tote with handles

    Insulated Grocery Basket with Zippered Top

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  • Sale! Farmer's Market Tote Reusable Grocery Tote with removable handle

    Shopper Bundle

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Customize Your Collapsible Basket With Handles

With six modern color options, the easy to clean foldable grocery basket makes organizing a breeze. Use different color baskets to denote different types of goods…one for meats, another for vegetables, a third for snacks, and a final color for household goods. Opt for our insulated collapsible basket to handle frozen goods.

From Car To Store

When not in use, these carry-all totes are fully collapsible, making them easy to store in out-of-the-way corners of your car or in a trunk organizer. But when you head into the grocery store, just pop them open and toss them in your cart. As you shop, organize your goods into bins based on where they’re going to be stored at home. Another option: just have the bagger throw your groceries back in the cart, then organize them in the bins at your car.

From Store To Home

When you get home, you have pre-sorted groceries that are quick and easy to put away. For an even easier step, leave often used groceries like snack goods in the collapsible boxes and put the whole box in your pantry. When the tote is empty, throw it back in the car for your grocery run. No unpacking needed!