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Mini Storage Bins

Store everything important in a compact mini crate storage bin. Our small fabric storage bins are perfect for makeup enthusiasts, crafters, food lovers, and more. Take organization to the next level with beautifully-designed mini boxes that will keep all of your items safe and secure. Improve your lifestyle with meori!

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  • desk storage box foldable organizer with insert blueB100612 1 Bundle Mini Insert Azure Solid

    Mini Box with Insert

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  • Sale! mini storage box green and red with polka dots desk organizersmini storage bin

    Mini Storage Bins Foldable Cube

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  • Mini Foldable Box Double

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  • Mini Insert 3+1

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  • Sale! Accessories meori Hanging Organizer 3 Minis Marine Blue Solid SIL 1

    Mini Hanging Organizer for 3

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  • Sale! collapsible desk organizer

    Mini Whiteboard Foldable Box

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  • Sale! collapsible cube organizer red polka dotscollapsible cube organizer

    Mini Foldable Box Dots

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  • Mini Foldable Box Velvet

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  • mini storage box foldable floral printsMini Box floral print by AlliK designs

    Mini Foldable Box Floral

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  • Mini storage cube leopard plush

    Mini Foldable Box Plush

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  • Mini Foldable Box Stars

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  • Craft Storage meori Foldable Box Mini Pink Berry Heart LST

    Mini Foldable Box Occasion

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Easy to Clean Mini Boxes

Our tiny boxes are uniquely designed and easy to clean. Store crafting supplies, makeup brushes, cooking utensils, and more with confidence. Created with durable materials, our mini crate storage bins are tear-resistant and dirt-resistant.

Offering you a quick organization solution and long-term use, our storage bins are perfect for life at home or on-the-go. With a completely foldable design and modern styling, it fits in well with both your home office decor and when you need to carry something on the go!


Featuring a cute and compact design, our mini boxes are incredibly space saving. Organize your desk, your bathroom, your kitchen, or any other space you choose. Plus, use them as gift boxes for a two-for-one present: your hand-picked gift and a cute reusable bin!

If you’ve been wondering how to make your living or work space more functional, this is it! Ditch bulky unattractive boxes and take things up a level with modern styling. Make your life easier today with meori!

Carry Everything

Like our larger storage bins, these mini organizers are strong and durable. Effortlessly store up 65 pounds, easy-peasy, in this tiny compact package!

Expandable with Optional Accessories

Make your storage bin work best for you. Add any additional accessories you may need to make your bin more expandable and useful for your needs.