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Reusable Pocket Shoppers

meori’s machine washable foldable shopping bags are the perfect replacement for one-use plastic bags. They come in loads of fashionable designs, and fold up to fit into your purse pocket. By keeping a few heavy duty grocery bags handy in your car door or glove box, you’ll never be without when you need to quickly stop by the store.

Foldable Shopping Bags: What You Need, When You Need It

As more and more regions ban single-use plastic bags, our foldable shopping bags are there to keep things easy and fun. They hold up to thirty pounds of groceries, household goods, or clothing items, and each of these heavy-duty bags are large enough to fit three standard single use bags worth of groceries. But when folded, they easily fit in your glove box, console, trunk organizer, or the palm of your hand, making them as convenient to store as they are to use.

Leaks And Dirt Are Never A Problem

With our machine-washable foldable shopping bags, you never have to worry about leaks or dirt. So go ahead and skip the plastic for your meats, frozen goods, and beverages. Toss the bag in your laundry bin and throw the whole thing in the wash when you get home. It couldn’t be any easier or convenient!

Convenient For Travel

Our foldable shopping bags aren’t just for trips to the store. Use them to store food on road trips or sand toys when going to the beach. However you decide to use them, they’ll get the job done. Get yours now at meori.