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Meyer family, owners of meori Inc., small family business to help people get organized.

Welcome!  We’re Dirk and Deirdre Meyer and we founded meori because we’re passionate about helping people stay organized and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We believe that an organized life is a happier one!

We designed our line of stylish and durable folding storage bins, wine carriers, and tote bags while living in Germany and raising our children. Our organizers are made to store everything from groceries to sporting gear, and help you simplify everyday life.

Versatile & Stylish Design

Designed to organize everything, always modern and fun. Storage doesn't have to be boring. Choose from color-coordinating, fashionaby colors and prints. Clever accessories extend the functionality of our folding storage bins.

Money-Back Guarantee + Free Returns

We offer free returns and stand behind our 30-day money-back guarantee. This is our promise to you, unconditionally and with no hidden caveats. What are you waiting for? Get organized today!

Reusable and Sustainable

We believe that investing in quality is the ultimate form of sustainability. Our Wine Tote Bags, Folding Storage Bins, and Reusable Tote Bags hold up to 65 lbs and are built to last for years. Because if you can't use something over and over again, it's not really sustainable.


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Get organized today with beautifully designed storage solutions that fit your eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Ditch disposables for good and live your best organized life. 

We stand behind our products by offering free returns and a 30-day money-back guarantee.